Chat tab shows lots of new chats, but there aren't

When I don’t have the tab with “Chat” in focus, it starts showing, in the tab name, “Chat(176)” IE there have been 176 new chat messages.

When I bring the Chat tab into focus it resets back to zero, because there are no chats in the channels that I am in.

This is, of course, very irritating - you basically have to learn to ignore the number in that tab, and regularly check to see if there are actually any chats in the channels you are in.

I have only ever known it to be completely accurate?

Is that because you are a member of “English”, where all the new chats go?

I am not a member of that.

See attached: 149 showing, but none when I click on that tab.

Odd… you are correct, I am a member of English and the counter seems quite accurate to new messages in there. I’m not sure where your phantom count is coming from!

I think it is coming from all channels, just as yours is. The difference is that you don’t notice the odd one or two discrepancy when someone actually says something in a different channel while you are not looking: it is swampped by the chat in English.

Another possibility is that it “overlooked” the fact that I left English … that’d be a vaguely understandable bug…

Maybe try opening it and then leaving it again?