Chat will be enabled once your email ad (problem on top of problems) (kind of resolved now)

Hey, I see ‘Chat will be enabled once your email ad’ beneath the chatbox. I assumed it says ’ once my email address will be confirmed’. I can’t even read the whole sentence. I wanted to ask for help in the Chat, but there I read I indeed need e-mail validation to be able to chat there also. Now, HOW do I get email validation?

I lost to my opponent after a nice game (Timeago 22k) due to time out because I didn’t know the time rules and I thought I had one more period left. There was seemingly nowhere where I could read how the time limit works. I want to tell my opponent what happened.

Today I logged in for the first time after a few years. I actually had an account already, but I forgot my username, and I found no e-mail from this website in my e-mail history. I thought my username was PA2, but when I clicked ‘log in’ using PA2 and guessing which password I used, I linked my e-mail account and all my past history is gone. It is a blank account now.

So frustration on top of frustration. My revisit of this website has left me a bad impression. I hope someone can help.

PS: why is my username ’ XXX’ (edited) when I typed ‘PA2’ as my username upon login? I don’t want it to be ‘XXX’ (edited).




Hi there. I can’t answer all of your questions hit I can answer some.

To change name you need to go to the profile page and press edit. You will be able to change the name there.

But to add and confirm an email…you need to go to settings which can be found at the side bare on the left, settings will be near the bottom. Then when you get there, you should see a place labeled ‘account settings’ and here is where you out your email.

Not entirely familiar with the process having done this litterally years ago now. Bit what should happen is something like a confirmation email being sent or something like that once you have inputted your email.

The time controls when in a game can be found below your name and profile picture… When you have only one period of time left… You will see a red ‘SD’ I don’t remember what the D stands for but it means single period. So keep your eye out for that when playing Buoy Yomi settings in the future.

I hope this helps. And I appolosie I was unable to answer any more questions.


Probably ‘Sudden Death’.


That makes sense! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that as an answer. Thanks XD.



my old username is still mentioned as the author of the post. can I change that? if not, i will have to delete this thread after it has been resolved, because i don’t want my old username to appear on the internet

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Just log out and then back in and your username will sync with your current one on OGS game site.


thanks everyone

i think my questions have been anwered

i will try to notice the ‘SD’ thing

the only thing left is to remember my username from 3 years ago.

mark5000 has been very supportive in private chat. he said he will help me recover my old account if i somehow can find my old username


I’m glad we were all able to help you resolve the issues you were having my friend. If you need anything else just let us know and we’re always here to help you out.

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Yes unfortunately unless you remember the username or email for your old account there is little we can do to help you track it down.


Hmmm… Or if you remember for some reason when you started the old account, it might be possible to stumble upon it by number since they are sequentially generated.

Or if you remember some of the people you played against it might be possible to find you amongst their game history.

Did you enter any memorable tournaments such as a title tournament with the old account? That might also make it possible to find your old account name.

Do you remember joining any groups? That would be a ‘Bingo’ moment.