Chat window smaller -> analyze window bigger

Hey folks,
is it possible to make the chat window smaller so the analyze window with all the branches is bigger?
I think with just a few branches the small analyze window is already quit overfilled so you have to use the scrollbars on the side to see the other branches. At the same time the chat window is empty or not in use but takes almost the halve of the space at the side of the go board!
One of these double arrows would be awesome with which you could adapt the size of the panels!


We have this (admitadelly well hidden) option:


(which is currently still just a workaround though)


AdamR you are my hero!! The small triangle in the corner works perfectly!
I looked quite a time but couldn’t find a option. I know this triangle from text inputs but didn’t keep my eyes open for it here. Thanks a lot for your help!!

(with FF you mean Firefox?)

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Don’t feel bad, took me about a year to notice :smiley: