Check out my new video on youtube :)

Hey guys this is Yunxuan a high high school student in california. I am currecntly 9d on tygem and am making some youtube videos about go. Check out my newest one :smile:


Your videos are great stuff (I’ve watched some), but the way you advertise them is not so good.

There was already a thread with your promotion. Now you open another one and lift the first one to the top with a stock reply. This is really brazen and inconsiderate. You are not the only person with something to promote. This is why some forums have guidelines against advertisements. Even if they don’t, you should still ask a moderator for approval before you post one.

It would be much more acceptable if your content had some connection with OGS - for example, you could play a game here and do live commentary.
I also recommend that you check back from time to time everywhere you post your links. Read the replies and interact with us.