Checking best responses

Hello. I would like to know if one can check best response to a situation. When can be done and when cannot be done. Thanks.

I think the best response is to place a stone on the board, but sometimes it could be slightly better to pass instead.

If you want a more specific answer, it might be helpful to mention which situation you want the best response for. :slight_smile:

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Lets try this: IF you are playing and you think that you may lose your game and you know that it depends on what is your next move… can you go somewhere in the server and find the answer?

I guess you mean analysis mode. In the game menu there is a button called “analyse game”
Game menu pops out from the right or is underneath on my phone version.

If you are talking about an ongoing game, then no, generally external help (e.g., from a computer program or another person) is forbidden. Exceptions are that one can use the analysis and score estimator tools, if those are available, and in correspondence games, one can use a joseki dictionary/reference.

After a game is over, seeking help in reviewing a game is perfectly fine and encouraged. #teaching:reviews-requests


Thank you yebeliz. I suppose that the analysis and score estimator tools does not help to tell the player where to move, correct?


The analysis tool just simply allows a player to place hypothetical stones on the board to help visualize possibilities. It’s really just a reading tool.

The score estimator does not tell a player specifically where to move, but it does show some things (like estimated territory and the score estimate itself) that I think could be interpreted as providing assistance of some sort. Personally, I don’t really like that feature and have advocated for its removal, however, currently it seems to be an accepted part of the site.

When setting up a game, there is an option to disable analysis, which disables both the analysis and score estimator tools.

Actually, there’s also been lively debate about whether the analysis tool should be allowed as well:


Thank you for your help.

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