I am so sick of the behavoir of the site, the moderators and admins
I got muted again and with a high chances without reasons again. All my threats and comments have vanished.
The funny thing is a got active on the forum again, gave my opinions on openings, gave tipps for teaching which opening and gave a disdused if someone should buy a premium membership(which i said no if your son wants more chess he should go first to a or if he only wants his son the play less video games then go would be a good idea and maybe that why i got muted because i adcertised against a membership). So i did not disscuse anything politically or controversialy where arguments where things get quite heated is getting as bad as lichess.

I get an alergie to mods in general if thing goes on even a bit.

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oops :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, seriously though if they kicked you out for just voicing an opinion against a membership, you are right to be aggravated. I am curious now to go and check what a membership there offers in the first place.

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an gain muted because i was on the wrong site. is a leftist hellhole

is somehow hard to rhyme with


bacause in that week i did not discuse anything politicial and i was still muted.
So I asume i am monitored personaly and if i get on their feet wrong( even if its apolitical) I they mute me or an invidual user get to my past posts and mass reported me (which itself should be banned)

The soconf ban happen in an discusion about allegations where i refused the be one of the mob. I tried aswering a person when he uses “that word” he is itself “that word” or q “other word”.
If he i allowed tu use" that word" bur he than its clear that i am censored