China-Japan Supermatches

Does anyone know how they worked? What were the rules?

I don’t know what you want to know exactly about these? I remember that these matches had regular comments and reports in the Goworld magazine which were the best place to find information in English at that time.

Just to check: is it like the Nongshim Cup, i.e. each team has the same number of players. The first match opposes player 1 of China vs player 1 of Japan. The player who loses is eliminated and the winner plays against player 2 of the opposing team, and so on, until one team runs out of players?

I think it had a similar format yes.

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These matches were like the first international tournaments with the renaissance of chinese go and later korean go. They brought on the scene famous players like Nie Weiping Jimy Cha LeeChangHo Yoda Norimoto between others.


I this format, Nie Wei Ping was the final player of the Chinese team. As the last person to save the Chinese team, he eliminated whatever was left of the Japanese team in several of those matches.

That earned him the nickname “The Iron Goalkeeper”.