Chinese Cartoon Weiqi Shaonian 《围棋少年》

I came across this Chinese cartoon today. There are two seasons of 26 episodes each. I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes so far, but it seems interesting enough even though it’s clearly targeted toward children. Curious if anyone has seen it?

Here’s the first episode on YouTube:

No English subtitles available that I’ve been able to find, but I did see a couple of different languages. The Chinese is pretty simple, so if you are learning Chinese it might be good for for practice


Get to work then :wink:

I didn’t even think about that, but that’s a good idea. Yet another project to add to the list


I watched like the first couple minutes then stopped because like you mentioned it’s targeted toward children

I guess the real reason is because they believed go should be geared towards children only
Like all the Go classes in china are only open for children, they’re not really interested into making it big
Instead Go is only used to open up children’s mind as a tool, like piano, drawing lessons etc., because so called “experts” said stuff like this will help develope inner talents while they’re still young, eventually they might become geniuses
So in reality Chinese parents all dig into this kind of stuff believing one day maybe their kids can become geniuses and earn big bucks

As for the general population in China, most people know that Go exist and has been since forever, but most people rather prefer other games instead because they find it too “complex” or boring, most never even tried
It has only been popular in ancient China since people were said to learn warfare strategy+tactics thru Go back then

At 3:45 there is a soldier with an arrow through his neck and no blood at all, lol – it’s like it’s just been poked into some dough.

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I taught English in a couple of these early education schools, these types of parents were absolutely the most difficult to deal with. Some genuinely just wanted their kids to have fun and maybe pick up a little bit of knowledge along the way, but there were certainly more than a few who were pretty intense.

:joy: I thought of a caramel apple

This is a very good point for Chinese introductory materials about GO or any other entertaining activities. (I didn’t watch the video, i somehow can expect its quality…)
But what if one can simply add more “mature” stuffs to make the whole thing acceptable for adults? (like spongeboob type memes…) Could it work better?
And if the cartoon is for teaching purpose only but it contains some useful techniques, why not just copy some important frames and condense them into a graphical instruction manual?

Why not just do an abridged English dub. You can add what you want to it, make jokes about if bits of the animations are silly (arrow in the neck etc) but still can explain the plot in some sense and watch the animation anyway.

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