Chinese commentaries on Pro games

Hey folks, I’d like to learn Chinese and study go at the same time, I wondered if anyone knows a source of written pro commentaires on contemporary games? Ejournals, go zines, websites, or, most preferred, books?

Any response, would be very welcome!

Thanks in advance!! ^^


I have identified a series Go books in chinese, but am unable to find a source to directly buy them from America. Guess I will just buy them in China next time I am there.

If you can listen chinese, the resources are abundant. If you are interested in more, let me know, but typically the sites will push you related topics once you watch one. So I will just give you some examples:

This youtube channel has all the current top pro tournaments, LG cup, Samsung cup, chinese A legaue, you name it, commented by chinese 6-9p.

A chinese 3p teaching channel.

On chinese stream site,

A 100 joseki series by a chinese 6p.

A 60 common shapes series by a chinese 6p. This is a very practically useful series, talking about the common shapes, their ajis and how to attack them etc.

Hope you can take advantage of them.


Hey @drifterwolf, that’s awesome, thanks a lot! The bilibili series seems very good! I subscribed to Jian Jian, and several other yt channels with related content, but I don’t catch swat for the time being, I don’t understand spoken Chinese at all, at least for the time being😅 I still watch them tho, to get the sound and I can follow along the sequences more or less. ^^

I was specifically looking for written commentaires because I think I could work my way through it with pleco and the Chinese go terms entry in Sensei’s library. Maybe you know Yuan Zhou’s english book Recent top pro games fully explained, I’m looking for similar content in chinese. I imagine that there is heaps of it, but it’s hard to find on the net for me. If you got any advice on how or where I could find it I’d be very happy!

here is a website that may serve you well, i almost forgot:

you need to register and inside, there are commentaries of pro games. not necessarily the most recent ones.

good luck figuring this out :joy:

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Haha, thank you, I used 101 mainly for lifendeath puzzles, I found some commentaries on the games by Fan Xiping!

There are also lots n lots of game records of contemporary games, this is a good ressource!

Via Sensei’s library I learned about a Chinese semi-montly go magazine, 围棋 天地 - Wéiqí Tiāndì - The World Of Weiqi, and maybe I’ll able to order them through a Chinese bookstore in Paris.