Chinese Go terms: 要子 and 废子 now has the possibility to subscribe via PayPal instead of only the previous Chinese payment options, so I now got a subscription and I am doing the workbooks, but I cannot really figure out what the following Chinese Go terms mean 要子 and 废子 (the problems themselves under this heading are more or less clear but I wonder what is the international term)


From Chinese Go Terms at Sensei's Library


I agree with this assessment.

要 means need, main point, essence, pivot, or key (to).

廢 means abrogate, terminate, or discard.

So these terms can be understood to represent necessary stones and discardable stones, respectively.


That make sense since the puzzels with that title on 101weiqi were all about choosing which group to save and which to sacrifice


The very common meaning of yao is simply the verb “to want”.
Which is in line with what is said already.

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