Chinese translation error

When an opponent makes a move in an existing game, the voice announces 对局开始 (dui ju kai shi) which means that a new game has started. There are many good ways to say it but I would suggest 轮到你走棋 (lun dao ni le) which means it is your turn to make a move.

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The first move of the game? Or any other move?

Here’s mandarin chinese translation site:

I wonder how to go about fixing existing translation.

show all > typing in “对局开始” in search box couldn’t find one that refers to a new move

Sounds like the “game started” audio clip is getting triggered inappropriately rather than there being an issue with the translation.

@springyboard how often does this happen?

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Any other move.

Every time an opponent makes a move in an existing game.

Yes, maybe that is the problem. Hope it can be fixed.

It is audio, not text.

Looks like this has been fixed. The audio announcement no longer plays when it is my turn in an existing game, only when a new game starts. Three cheers to OGS for the quick fix!