Choose Malkovitch games to spectate

You can now filter the “Watch” (previously known as “Games”) page by “Malkovitch game only”.

This will give you the list of games where players are using “Malkovich chat” to share their thoughts with spectators.

If it becomes irritating clicking into games with few such comments, we may annotate the list with how many comments there are.


  • it’s handy to deselect “bot” games when doing this, since some bots post variation data in Malkovitch
  • if you don’t want anyone reading your comments, use the “Personal” type of chat instead.

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After momentary confusion, I realized that you meant the Games tab. It should be noted that Correspondence games generally produce more Malkovitch use than Live games. Currently 1 Malk game comes up in the Live category, and 135 Malk games appear in the Correspondence category.

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Ah hah - it’s called “Watch” in the new UI layout :slight_smile:

So it’s a new feature!
I just found the “Malkovitch game only” string untranslated on Pootle and was wondering: “what’s that??? I’ve never seen that before!!!”