Chris Garlock

I was watching some of the Alpha Go vs Alpha Go twitch with Redmond and Garlock. Chris appears to have stitches on both sides of his mouth. Was he in an accident? I’m glad to see he’s OK but curious what may have happened.

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Yeah, I suppose we all noticed.

No idea why.

He knew too much… we needed to persuade him… not to talk.

Deleted, bad suggestion.
Apologies to the mods for causing them extra work.

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I think it’d be polite for us to mind our own business.


Deleted, became irrelevant.

“Yo Garlic, what’s with the Joker cosplay?”

Something like that? :thinking: /s


Deleted, became irrelevant.


Temporarily closed pending mod discussion about the appropriateness of this topic.

after a short discussion, we have decided with the conclusion to let this thread be open, but we would like to also expressly say “pls no stalking kthxbai”.

I had thought Chris might have made a comment about it somewhere; I’m not on FB or the like so likely would have missed it. If not, I certainly respect his privacy.

Either way, I wish him a quick recovery.


I also think that unless in the case of language barrier, it’s always better to ask in the most direct way possible than asking in a roundabout way from 3rd person. That’s how bad rumors spew.

On a side note (and the main reason why I’m replying, above part was just a guise to look like I’m not driving offtopic): OMG last time I see the phrase “kthxbai” was like when I was still in highschool! So many memories! :sweat_smile: