Christmas Wishlist

Hello everyone excited for the holidays :D? I AM! I already know some of the things I am getting for christmas and I am so excited! What are you all doing for the holidays? Do you know what your getting already? Do you have a christmas wishlist?

For me I am going to be spending the first few hours at my own house opening presents and playing my piano I get to play christmas songs for my family YaY me. Afterwards I get to hop on over to my sisters to open christmas presents I think what I am most excited for is my keyboard piano I heard its going to be a really good one. Anyway hope you all have a great december!


cmon give your parent and relatives a break and say “I don’t need nor want any presents”

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I think a jubango registry here on OGS would be a nice present. It could keep track of the jubango parameters, the players records, and set handicap for the next game in the series.


I said that one year it made my mom very sad because she doesn’t like when we worry about there financial situation and tells us that its there’s to worry about so I usually ask for something just to make her happy xD