Chrome doesn't shut down correctly after I access OGS site

Often, but not always, after I access the OGS website, Chrome often acts very slowly and it often gives me this message:


This is a real pain. Chrome doesn’t do that after I access other websites. It only does it after I access the OCS website, and only some times.

Once it starts doing that, it keeps doing it until I delete my browsing history, etc. Then it stops. It doesn’t start again until I access OCS again.
Is there a way to avoid this?

Well I am just writing to express my compassion, but I am sorry to say that I have no idea as to what could be the problem :smiley:

However since you seem to be the only one with a similar issue I am afraid it is probably some local problem :(. AFA my computer knowledge goes no site should not even be able to cause such a problem. Do you have any obscure extensions or less common AV installed?

Are you 100% it does it only after you visited OGS? History, should have no bearing on browser performance, not should coockies for that matter…

you can check this in URL: chrome://crashes/ if there is some additional info I guess, and maybe run malwarebytes or something just to be sure. Or just re-install chrome and reset settings, but all this is just fishing, without having any idea what could be the issue :D. Or switch to mozilla finally :stuck_out_tongue:

I also use chrome but I’ve never had this problem, definitely sounds like a local problem.

Thanks Adams3141 and Verlane.

I am starting to agree with both of you that part of what is causing this problem is something about Chrome the way it is set up on my computer.

But part of it must have to do with OGS, too. This has happened to me occasionally before I started using OGS, but rarely, and not for a long time. I played a lot of games on OGS in the last four days of 2017, and then I deleted my browsing history, etc., and got Chrome to stop sending me that message. I didn’t come back to OGS for a week, but I used Chrome many times that week with no problem. Then one day I poked around in OGS several times, and that same day I started getting the messages from Chrome again.

So I guess there’s something about Chrome as it is set up on my computer that makes it have a problem with something about the OGS website that it doesn’t encounter on any other website.

I was hoping and expecting that several other go players on OGS who use Chrome would have had the same problem and maybe figured out a good way to avoid it, but it doesn’t look like anyone else has had this problem. At least for now, I want to avoid doing anything drastic like reinstalling Chrome or switching to another browser (I already switched from IE to Chrome), so I guess I’ll just put up with it for a while, deleting my browsing history, etc., every so often, unless someone here who has had this problems suggests what I should do.

Hi @amodeo,

Switching browsers is not really something very drastic. And if you really think that OGS just will not work with Chrome, then use Chrome for other sites and, say, Firefox for OGS (assuming it works for you).

– Musash1

just keep in mind that if you switch to another browser for OGS you need to set your preferences anew because they are stored in a browser cookie on your device (smartphone, tablet, desk- or laptop).

Thanks for all your messages, folks. I think I finally fixed it. I did it yesterday afternoon, and since then I get no more of those messages, and Chrome is working as quickly as it used to, no matter how often I access OGS’s website.

I had a “shoutcut” (link) on my desktop, made for me by Chrome, which I usually used to connect to OGS. That was what was causing the problem. I also had (and sill have) a “bookmark” for OGS, but that needed several more clicks than just clicking on the shortcut on my desktop. That is gone now. To save myself some clicks, I did something that I have never done before for any website: I have put a “bookmark” for OGS on Chrome’s bookmark bar. Once I have Chrome open, it takes me just one click to get to OGS.

I guess I jinxed myself. It just happened again, right after leaving OGS: Chrome coming up very slowly and giving me that message again. Oh well, maybe it will happen only occasionally now.

I think I had some Chrome didn’t shutdown correctly events a while ago and had no idea why. It wouldn’t surprise me if I had OGS in use.

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