Chrome notifier not working reliably

Right now my chrome notifier is sitting there saying “0/1” when my game clearly has a move - it’s stayed that way for at least an hour. I was noticing this yesteday too - it seemed intermittent whether it would “notice” that I have a move.

So watch out!

No-one else?

It appears to be permanently broken now for me. When I log out, it shows the ‘logged out’ symbol, when I log in, it says zero games waiting.

Are you talking about this here? (because there are two notifier plugins for Chrome) And do you have version 1.1.0?

Mine shows this: image The number is correct. But maybe 14 due moves in a total of 30 games is too much for the layout? I asked a question there.

Or, wait … @hasselbach? Would that be you, Alexander? :slight_smile:

Yeah mine looks like that, but it’s always grey, and the number is always zero.

I do have 1.1.0.

Mh… colour me baffled :confused: I fear we can only hope for Alexander Hasselbach to react here or there. Maybe you also file a “problem” there?