City Matches - Moscow vs LRA

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This Sunday 2 september Rhone Alpes League (here Grenoble + Lyon) will face young people from Moscow (-19 y.o.). First round at 10 am CEST, second round at 2 pm CEST.

The games will be on OGS and broadcasted on twitch :

!! Motoki Noguchi 7d from Grenoble will comment the games of the strongest during the second round, on the afternoon !!

Many thanks to Motoki N. and Milena B.R. for the help she provided to organize this event

Ce dimanche 2 septembre, la LRA (ici Grenoble et Lyon), rencontrera une équipe jeune de Moscou (-19 ans). La première Ronde à 10h à 14h.

Les parties se feront sur OGS et serond diffusées sur Twitch :

!! Motoki Noguchi 7d de Grenoble fera les commentaires des parties des plus forts joueurs durant la deuxième ronde l’aprèm !!

Merci à Motoki N. et Milena B.R. pour l’aide apporté à l’organisation de l’évènement


Emphasis on young people ;D. Good luck!

Semi-related suggestion: If you place Moscow vs RAL left vs right, it’s less confusing if you also group player buttons left vs right. Judging by the names, I’m inclined to think right now it’s top vs bottom.

Just to be sure, you mean CEST (UTC+2), not CET (UTC+1)?

There are some regions using CET, not switching to summer time (CEST):

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Sh*** you’re right, let’s edit*
Thx @flovo

As last time nobody noticed it, I guess I just took the same template and it was ok to me

Maybe it’s because I added two bars ahead and Below the “X Versus Y”… I’ll add them again next time… or do something completely different. (But I like this one and I’m a bit too idle so I don’t know right now ^^)