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In its context as the continuation 2 in Play Go at! | OGS, this move is marked Good, but I can’t find a single time it’s been played professionally.

I can see KataGo is open to it, though, since it appears in the 43rd self-play game by @Maharani (Play Go at! | OGS).

Should it be tagged as a bot joseki?

Later, I will double check a larger database than Waltheri but I probably only added it because it takes one move to revert to a joseki. If it doesn’t have any professional games, it should be changed to Question I think.


I find one pre-AI game in Waltheri’s where the transposed situation appears: This 150 year old no komi game from Honinbo Shuei, where his opponent makes the kosumi shape on move 17. That game ends as a fairly big win for Honinbo Shuei.


It was played by Shibano Toramaru vs Hsu Chiayuan a couple of weeks ago and it does just take one move to reach a more common joseki transposition. I’m thinking that it should stay as Good but I will add to the description that 1 is played most of the time and that 2 is a new move that is rarely played but transposes to another joseki.

I would bet that if P17 were played more we would see this move a bit more often but it’s a rare situation in modern Go.