Clicking on black dot with # of moves waiting opens in new tab

As it says in the subject title, when I click on the black dot with the number of games or moves that are waiting for me, the system opens in a new tab. This happens on both my PC (Windows 10, Chrome) and my iPhone (iPhone 8, iOS 14.2, Duck Duck Go browser. Also my iPad.

This never happened before (last month?) and it’s kind of annoying.

Have I changed a setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

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It is a recent change and it does it ONLY if you are currently in a LIVE game on the current tab.

If you are currently in a LIVE game you should not be closing the tab on it, because doing so triggers the disconnect timer. You need an open tab on LIVE game at all times.

This change is to help people from falling into the trap of clicking that notification and inadvertently disconnecting from a LIVE game.


Got it. Thanks.


Well, I finished a live game about an hour ago. My opponent resigned. I’m still on that page (from the finished game) and the black dot now shows I have 2 moves in correspondence games to make. When I click on that black dot it opens a new tab, even though the live game has been over for quite a while.


Hah - that is a good point.

As you observe, it’s not checking whether the live game is in fact still live.

I’ll fix that.


Many thanks for your efforts.

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Any ETA when this fix might happen?
Just want to make sure it hasn’t fallen off the list.
Thanks in advance.

The change for that went in some time ago - is it not working?

Still not working for me. Still opens new tab.

2/4/2021. Still not working for me.
Is this scheduled to be repaired?

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Yeah I think it opens a new tab, if for example you’re even just watching a live game, as opposed to participating in one. I think once the game is over it doesn’t open a new tab?

Maybe that’s the intended feature?

I’m not sure that one’s intended but idk. I know the original use case was for when you were playing a live game but didn’t want to disconnect

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It should only activate when you are playing a live game, all other cases are bugs.


It does seem to open in a new tab even when live games are over from days ago, even if you didn’t play them.

Also from reviews too, if you review a game and click the button to go to your next move.

Ok. Right now I’ve got a window open showing a game that was finished yesterday.
When I click on the black circle showing 5 moves to be made, it opens in a new window.

I was going to explain why it was I hadn’t got around to trying to fix this yet, but I decided it would probably be easier to just fix it… which turned out to be true.


I’m sure stricter/more correct typing on Goban might make that easier to catch.

But does this fix the bug where a new tab is opened if you are just observing a live game?

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Nobody mentioned that up till now :smiley: (Oh, I see shinuito did mention it. Huh!)

Could it be argued that if you are observing a live game, and you click on the notifier to look at one of your games, then you’d like that in a new tab anyhow?

I guess this fall foul of “let the user decide tab management if at all possible”.

But it might be my default position for now :smiley: (or it might be an exercise for a new contributor, who’d also like to tidy up typing while in there :wink: )


FWIW I’ve now coded up the idea that you don’t open a new tab if you click notification while spectating a live game, and I didn’t like the feel of it.

I prefer the consistency that if you are on a live game, then you’re getting a new tab if you click the notification icon… so I haven’t submitted a PR on that change as yet.

If you’re only spectating, you can simply use the back button to return to the game after making your move… I thought the original motivation for this change was to avoid player losing by disconnect due to a server function? In the case of spectating a game, the spectator obviously can’t lose by disconnect, so should be able to open in same tab if so desired.

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