Climbing the ladder without fighting is unfair (or not?)

I noticed on the 19x19 ladder at least (not checked for the other ladders) that many players have no ongoing challenge games, and nevertheless steadily climb up the ladder, since some players ranked above them are constantly kicked off the ladder under the 3 days timeout rule, or simply quit the ladder. I think this is unfair. Of course they can be challenged any time, but they also can stay this way for ages. I suggest to add a rule that you must have at least one ongoing challenge game (either challenging or challenged), with a deadline of 3 days. If you have not engaged in a new challenge 3 days after your last game has ended, you are kicked off the ladder.

[edited one month later]. I was misled by the dynamics of the bottom 20% of the ladder where the players kicked off or leaving the ladder above you outnumber those who jump from the bottom over you. This stops further up, where you start to actually drift down again if you don’t win a challenge to jump further up. I don’t know if someone has a mathematical model of such dynamics, which I find fascinating.

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If you think somebody above you is not at his/her place, just send a challenge. No need to set a rule for that.

btw I don’t see how you could add a rule forcing somebody to receive a challenge,


Also what about people in the top 10? Or the top 1? Are they gonna be kicked for not challenging anyone?

Also… Kicking people for not challenging fast enough would only serve to heighten this observed pattern as everyone below the kicked would still move up just as they do now.


@SanDiego I don’t mean people are not at their place. And anyway you can’t challenge more than three people at the same time :slight_smile:. I don’t understand your second remark …

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@BHydden That makes sense. But people in the top 10 have not this problem. They are challenged a lot :slight_smile:

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I still don’t think I understand exactly what problem you’re seeing here?


I don’t understand the issue either. Most people who do nothing will drift down, not up. Besides, It isn’t as though the ladder is intended to be an objective measure of skill. It is supposed to be a fun thing where you can try to fight your way to the top. If you drift around somewhat, then so be it.


OK folks, this is not a serious issue, honestly, forget it. It’s just that I am quite new to this ladder thing and try to figure out the logic. And I agree it’s just a fun thing. Go is just a fun thing, altogether, right!


I’ve renamed the thread, and will open a new one for a proposal to automatically find out the “best” challenges, which could indirectly address this “non-issue”.

Where are the rules for OGS ladders?