Close win; 18k vs 19k, 19x19

I nearly lost this game by a single move. If my opponent seen it or I took a move to fix my group’s shape; I would had lost. He opened with a fast pace moves, I wasn’t sure how to limit his territory or his influence. Did the best I could to divide his groups in the center, while running to safety.

Any tips playing against build and grow type of openings? Or advice about the game?

Which move are you talking about? It usually takes more than one mistake to lose a game :wink:

Building large central territories is not an easy task, and the pressure is more on white’s side. You could easily have played K15 (instead of the E13-F13 sequence for example) to breach into white’s territory.

I think your biggest mistake is actually in the beginning, see how many stones you put in the lower right to get only 11 points in the end. You should not have let white surround you.

You also could have taken at least a chunk out of white’s center territory. Check out moves at the end.

If he played b6, I would had lost either the bottom left group or c8 group above it. (first four variations I posted.) Yes, I agree. lol

I would had lost either way. Defending those groups would had been too slow for a game this close.

Strangely I didn’t think to push into his territory. I was too focused on those three stones I guess. Hoping for something.

Again good eye, pbgarden. I wouldn’t had seen that in a million years.

Thanks guys, going to look at the variations by mark5000.