Closed topics and PM replies

Why can I reply PMs to some closed topics and not to others? If I try and reply directly, I get an error message, but if I reply in a PM(tested by PMing myself), it will work. Why was I only able to access the reply button on one closed topic and not another? With that logic, shouldn’t I be able to PM people from closed topics?

This is probably a better question for Discourse, since that’s the forum software in use here:


I am not sure I follow all the questions completely, but certain categories have different auto-close rules and some topics are closed manually when we think they are no longer relevant. That MIGHT also be the reason why there are different experiences…

But if you need a topic re-opened let us know :slight_smile: Sometimes it is good to re-visit old ideas.


The topics I am talking about were both closed today, I just didn’t understand why one had the reply button still. I happened to be looking at one of the topics when it closed and I could reply in a PM to myself about it and it would take me there, but when I hit the back button in my browser, the reply button was still there. If I went to the other topic, it didn’t have the reply button. I was wondering why it was like that, not because I had anything relevant to add to either topic(because I really don’t).