Cloudflare keeps popping up petition form


Recently, Cloudflare keeps showing a petition form.
Anyone also having this issue?


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I got it once a never again. Are you not disregarding cookies for some reason? Annonymous browsing or something? (And yes, that’s about the extent of my computer knowledge :smiley: )

Yeah, @Adam3141 is about right, it should only pop once. The main reason it would keep popping up is if you’re blocking or removing cookies, which is an aspect of “incognito mode” or “private browsing”. Specifically, the _BFTN_WIDGET_SHOWN cookie determines this behavior.

I’m using Chrome, but not using any anonymous browsing. I will check if my browser is blocking cookies.

I think I’ve had it a few times - I think it’s been when I’ve changed network connection… (I roam around a bit). I use Chrome on OSX.

I’m on Chrome on OSX as well. I’m not blocking any cookies.

It popped on me twice. guess it not what Cloudflare intended. Give Cloudflare bit of time to fix it - they are solid company and surely dont want to bother customers by spamming their users.

If they do something like showing this petition once a year its ok imo.

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I’m fully behind the spirit of this petition. However, like many of ogs’s users, I’m not a US resident or citizen, so it really doesn’t matter what I think.

Some sort of geolocation based filter would be good :slight_smile:


Bleh, yeah I had hopes it would be geo-targeted but guess I’m not surprised, US residents currently abroad can still petition I reckon.

Sorry for the noise for everyone who can’t participate, and especially sorry if there are weird quirks like @sclim is seeing, hopefully those get fixed up.

The popup is a one day thing, so after today no one will see it again.


It’s also showing up on Firefox. It must be a coordinated campaign.

Not sure why browser would matter…?