Codecentric Challenge 2016, Lukas Krämer 6d vs. Zen

Today, Sunday 04 Sept 2016, 18:00 CET, we’ll see the second game between Lukas Krämer 6d and @Zen … —> KGS —> room “Computer Go” (BTW this is Zen19X, not Zen19K)

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And sorry, I forgot to post this here earlier for the first—extremely thrilling—game last Sunday.

Looking forward to a—hopefully not too distant—future when such events will take place on OGS :slight_smile:


REMINDER: 3rd game in codecentric go challenge 2016

Sunday, Sept. 11, 18:00 CET, KGS Computer Room.

It’s a “best of five” match, currently it’s 1:1.

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