Collection of collections?

Is this possible?

I’m thinking of collections of life-and-death collections and collections of KGS collections (since I’ve long been done with the place.) Similar to album of albums in graphics programs like NextGEN Gallery Pro.

Actually, writing a script that will bring all my files from KGS would be an minor modification of old code I was working on last year… Might even be a great way to detach people from the KGS matrix tubes. But that is a different subject.

Anyway, collection of collections… Can we do it?

Indeed :slight_smile: I’d wanted to do this the first go around, but I ended up opting for a flat system instead to keep the code simple and get things out the door. I’ll upgrade it in the future to allow for hierarchies though :smile:

For now, if you want to get started feel free, I’ll make it so you can re-organize your collections into whatever hierarchy you want when we get that feature implemented.


Maybe the following information will help you out with my other point:

If you access the KGS archives too quickly, they will block your IP for 24 hours.

My solution was to make a three second delay per file. This is only long if you grab each individual game. It is not that long if you grab each zip file they place at the bottom of every month page. You can then have your code open the archive into wherever it needs to be.

A five-year history… (12 months x three seconds) x five years… 180 seconds… Three minutes. Kind of annoying but that’s how you get through the archive.

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Oh to clarify we won’t be accessing KGS on behalf of our users, I think they (KGS) might take offense to that. If users want to put together scripts and whatnot to help transfer from kgs to ogs, or from ogs to kgs, then of course that’s fine (it’s their data after all! :))

And now it’s official. See?

Suspicion is now officially on me. But why suspect? This will be a thing.


In your vision of this, will we be able to link other user files into collections of our own?

Possibly more importantly, link collections to groups?

Many hands make light work.

Ultimately yes, as well as being able to browse specific collections of other people… so we’ll see, i’m going to revisit this after these bugs are taken care of and I move on to the learning/teaching tools. It’ll probably go through a few revisions, I’d like to roll things out slowly and see how folks are using it and direct development in complementary directions.