Collection of Tygem Games

I have kept a collection of all my games playing as a Tygem 1kyu, which I am going to place here all of the games have been reviewed by me and on top of that some are reviewed by stronger players and a group review.

I would appreciate insight from stronger players about my games and see if they can find any similarity between them that is my main weakness. Although insight from any rank is much appreciated.

After reviewing the games the main thing I see is I end up building a moyo it gets invaded and they either live or die. When they live its very frustrating because I go into review and can kill them sometimes. I also tend to make elephant eyes.

Games that have an “abnormal” opening seem to confuse me greatly and affect my play as well.

Tygem 1Kyu Game Collection























If you do end up reviewing a game or two, please leave a forum post and a link to the game. If not please still tell me what you think of the games.

Changing the name to Collection of Tygem games, I didn’t get any bets with this forum post. It’s a shame but oh well. I’m changing the name because im going to add my 1 dan games as well when I play them.

Thus I am saving the second post this post for them.

If you want someone to take a look at your games, there are many young dan-level amateurs who will do that for a small fee. I like to advertise my own sensei Viktor Lin 6d, and I’m sure you can find many others. :slight_smile:

On GoKibitz¸ the review effort is crowdsourced to community volunteers - check it out :slight_smile: (although the site doesn’t work for me at the moment).

I really like that you pre-reviewed those games. It shows that you are willing to spend time and effort yourself, just like you are asking strangers to do for you. Other students reading this thread, take note :slight_smile:

However, 23 in a list just looks overwhelming and offputting. If you can choose at most three of these games (pick losses that you played well and you find puzzling), someone like me will surely review at least one of them :slight_smile:

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Yes I’ve thought about getting a teacher but I can’t see myself spending to much money on it I understand that they can’t do this for free all the time, still the prices for everyone I’ve seen have been far to high.

I’ve seen some of the review from GoKiblitz so I probably won’t use it the review I’ve seen we’re really poorly done, I like asking OGS as well because there are a decent amount of strong level players willing to review a game with you in detail…

Thank you, I review every game I play no matter how good or bad it went.

I don’t expect them to review all 23 these are just how many games it took me to get from 1kyu to 1dan I have them all listed here because I believe I can learn something from each one. Plus like I said I’m hoping someone can find a similarity between them which I think i’ve already found but could use another opinion.

Game 6

Thank you very much for the review Mark, as always I learn a lot from them. I ended up defending a little to much in that game allowing black to keep even with me. Even though I was also aggressive my aggression was in the wrong spot. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of F18 actually.

For the bottom of the board I assumed it was a great trade before move 105 because I had thought of that as blacks points. I guess I was incorrect to think that way, as well as with the errors stated above I didn’t do a good job sealing my moyo that I had made allowing black easy access.