Color bars in statistics aren't working

I know every one probably knows this but I was wondering if the color bars are going to be left blank or return to using color? Thanks!

We haven’t changed those, they still use color… can you post a screenshot?

Well, I can do better and on someone else’s page:
all the profile pages I visit are like this :smile:

Those colored bars look fine to me… can you post a screenshot so I can see what you are seeing?

Yeah hang on. Have to find cap sw :smile:

Im having to use MS explorer. Is it possible that I don’t have enough RAM?

Yeah that’s not what it looks like for anyone else. I’m sure you have plenty of RAM. What version of IE? Try it in another browser? Any messages on the browser’s console?

Ok so I changed to Chrome and the colors are there. Must be a MSIE thing I guess :frowning: Sorry to bother you. I lost Firefox last week nad have had challenges since.

This happens for me when using IE as well.