Color of board


all of a sudden boards are displayed on my screen in black. Lines, numbers and letters are in blue. Stones are shown in white and black. Black stones on a black board are difficult to distinguish. How can I restore the natural brown board colour. Many thanks for any guidance.

Click the little arrow next to your Profile picture. Then click on the board you want, as well as the style of White and Black stone desired. Hope this helps :wink:



And dark theme (the blue moon in the above picture) is an absolute must :wink:


Trying to bring more people over to the dark side huh? i see your game BHydden, and I approve!!!


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Protecting your vision is a good reason to bring people over to the dark side :nerd_face:

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At first I read “vision” as, like, professional ambition sort of definition haha

then I realised…

image image

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Straight up the funniest response I could have asked for from you BHydden. xD. Actually laughed.



@Mulsiphix1 for real though… I spend a great deal of my time awake in the middle of the night… So I used to go on to OGS, and expect my retina to be burned out every damn time. Kinda felt like a classic vampire caught in sunlight.

The struggle was real… Untill the dark side took me in, nurtured my eyes away from the light.

‘you do not know the POWER of the DARK SIDE!!’

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My only 2 remaining struggles with my phone is Gmail and GitHub haven’t found a way to dark theme either on Android yet,

Edit: oh and Facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

But I have the blue light filter on my phone turned on so it’s not soooo bad still prefer dark theme though

I feel you my dude. I worked out the other day that Google docs has a dark mode. My eyes are much happier writing in the middle of the night now. And in the day to be honest.

There is nothing worse than looking up from your keyboard… Only to be blinded. And then have to carry on reading and writing.

Dark mode genuinely makes my life so much easier.

Do you use messenger? Because there is a dark mode on messenger too. Just send someone the darkmoon emote.

But for Facebook… Nah I don’t know of any dark mode. Which is a shame as it would be so much easier on my eyes.

Yeah man… heaven sent <3 Since messenger is 90% of the reason I still have facebook at all, this little gem of an addition bumped that up to 95% :rofl: sweet black bliss

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Oh but I do :sunglasses:: I’ve been actively filtering blue light on all my digital devices since 2014, when I read some serious literature on the topic. Considering I’ve struggled with insomnia, reducing blue light and preventing the imbibing of hormonal disrupters (like sugar, caffine, sweetners, etc…) from four hours after waking and on wards, has been seriously helpful. I go to great lengths to dark theme anything in sight and to reduce the brightness output of any screen I stare at.

It is a constant struggle and personal quest :face_with_monocle:.

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