Combining the Home and Play pages

Also, widening profile page has been proposed before but met resistance from anoek, so not as easy as it would seem…

Sounds like we could also use a setting for “show games/rating chart first”…

What would be great is for all the elements on the home and profile pages be toggleable, scalable, and draggable, so we can all have the layout we want :heart:


Maybe default to the play page of you have no games in progress? I think one issue is that when you first start on OGS you are greeted with a blank page that helpfully inform you that you are not playing any games. The only reason I can think not to start on the play page in that case is that it makes no sense to a beginner!

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Lol that sounds like an OGS dream.

Think I should x-post to Features everyone secretly want on OGS but will never be implemented ? :stuck_out_tongue:


On mobile, for a correspondence player, it’s quite useful.
Actually it’s everything I need and the only page I regularly check between moves in open games.


+1. This is how I use OGS too.

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But on mobile then you could also just use the profile page? Just the ranking stuff to scroll past (maybe that could all be shifted to under games if you select “hide ranks”) plus it has game history info right there too. What does home page add? Only notifications?

Well technically it has groups, ladders, tournaments (which the profile has too) but it also has a friends list there too.

I do use the home page for looking at games, although half the time I’m using the home page to get to the profile page :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hope does that work? Do you not use the notification pop up to get to the profile page?!

Well the home page is the very first button at the top navigation, and then you just click your username and it brings you straight there.

The other half of the time I open the notification panel and click my name there and then click my name again on the drop down (it involves more clicks though :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Maybe we can consider ditching “clunky” as a way to describe features. It isn’t that descriptive (i.e. how does one fix a “clunky” feature?) and we should keep in mind that people who create thus stuff actually hang around here :slight_smile:


Not actionable


I could.
The home page has less features: games, groups, tournaments. That’s all I need usually.
Profile page has also trophies, reviews and history, which I don’t need usually.

If you hide ranks (like I do) that just isn’t there.

Actually, I like home page because it has LESS features. :smiley:
It’s simpler and faster.
I also don’t use thumbnails for games.
I would also do without my face! :smiley: (the user image)
And I could also do without friend list, since it’s available in the top bar.

If you want to remove duplicates, I’d prefer removing them from the profile page.

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I believe Home should be the places/info one most wants to see when on the site. I don’t come to this site to see my profile :slight_smile: although I can get there from many places when I want to!

Main reason I come to OGS is to play1, so I think that is the rationale for adding at least some of the components into the homepage.

1That’s a lie, I come here for the Forums


This is interesting, the main reason I go to the OGS site is to review my games or look at game history for some reason so I only ever want the profile page.

[Maybe could distil the whole of OGS down to a page for “games” (current ones, historical ones and finding new ones) and one for “not games”* for everything else. ]

‘*’ Or just “forums” obvs


For starters I wasn’t going to repeat what he said so I agreed with him by typing its clunky.

Second off clunky is informative if you don’t know what is clunky when pointing out a feature is clunky I don’t know what to tell you. And, if you can look at the graph and not understand why its clunky then I don’t think there is anything I could say that would make it descriptive enough since you simply have a different opinion.

And, if you do think its clunky and just don’t think I included enough information then well to bad I guess I was responding to someone with an agreeative statement not a statement of my own.

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That’s fair. I guess I’m trying to let you know that saying stuff is clunky is a little clunky (takes up space and doesn’t provide any additional information)

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Sometimes no more information needs to be provided and a thread just needs to show that there are “more” people who agree with an issue. He stated what needed to be stated the next step is people agreeing with it or disagreeing with it.


Nailed it.

Once again we find that other people’s use and practices are totally suprising to each other.

The phone people seem to use the Home page. Personally, like tea, I rarely click on the Home page link, much more often on the Profile link.

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