Combining the Home and Play pages


Firstly, I have wondered for a long time, is there a purpose to this square that seems to somehow show the games that are being offered?

I mean is there a practical use for it? It seems to me that it takes up a lot of valuable space on the page which could be used for something more important.

I’ve been thinking of a suggestion, for development would it be possible to make the Play page the homepage, remove this non-useful square (above) and replace it with the user’s game challenges and the notifications that OGS provides about streams, and tournaments, etc. that appear on the homepage? I feel combining these two pages would be a much better use of space and would reduce the amount of redundancy and increase the efficiency of pages.

Just some thoughts I’ve had.

Great work on all other developments going on! :slight_smile:



That chart is described here:

It provides an overview if the kind of activity that is going on, letting you see if OGS is very active or hardly active at all.

I don’t really like the idea of combining Home (which is games in progress) with Play (which is looking for a new one).

I’d rather combine Home with Profile - I don’t really understand why these are separate…


Combining Home with Profile would be good too.

Considering the description of that chart in the link you provided, I find it unnecessary and, as I mentioned before, taking up valuable space that could be used for something else.


The graph is clunky asf


Do anyone use “home”? )


I do :slightly_smiling_face: unlike the profile page it uses the whole width of the screen and so looks much cleaner than the profile page on desktop

(assuming you don’t need to constantly be looking at your rating charts) :rofl:


I agree that the graph is pretty useless since it basically duplicates the list of challenges. Also it somewhat ruins the “hide ranks” feature.
However, maybe it’d be important to be able to sort challenges, for example by likely game time or opponent strength or board size, which I guess is what the graph does.

Feels like there is an easy solution there if that’s the only problem!

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Also doesn’t hide games under ratings chart and mod logs :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s a particularly niche issue since if I wasn’t a mod I would have ratings hidden…

Also, widening profile page has been proposed before but met resistance from anoek, so not as easy as it would seem…

Sounds like we could also use a setting for “show games/rating chart first”…

What would be great is for all the elements on the home and profile pages be toggleable, scalable, and draggable, so we can all have the layout we want :heart:


Maybe default to the play page of you have no games in progress? I think one issue is that when you first start on OGS you are greeted with a blank page that helpfully inform you that you are not playing any games. The only reason I can think not to start on the play page in that case is that it makes no sense to a beginner!

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Lol that sounds like an OGS dream.

Think I should x-post to Features everyone secretly want on OGS but will never be implemented ? :stuck_out_tongue:


On mobile, for a correspondence player, it’s quite useful.
Actually it’s everything I need and the only page I regularly check between moves in open games.


+1. This is how I use OGS too.

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But on mobile then you could also just use the profile page? Just the ranking stuff to scroll past (maybe that could all be shifted to under games if you select “hide ranks”) plus it has game history info right there too. What does home page add? Only notifications?

Well technically it has groups, ladders, tournaments (which the profile has too) but it also has a friends list there too.

I do use the home page for looking at games, although half the time I’m using the home page to get to the profile page :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hope does that work? Do you not use the notification pop up to get to the profile page?!