Comments on new roll out

The new version of “” user interface is poorly conceived
Don’t you beta test things before you implement them?
Don’t you ask for input before you code?
I guess we have to live with this ?


You mean like this: ?
You could’ve tested


I was never made aware of this. On the other hand, the new interface is disappointing…

Hello Icky,

The new layout does have disappointing aspects. Some things overlay others, the home page layout doesn’t appear to be very effective on small screens, etc. Broadly speaking, though, I’ve been very impressed with the update and think it shows promise of being a significant step forward. I remain confident that any niggles will get ironed out.

Unfortunately, as you’ve not really supplied any examples of how or why you are disappointed, it’s difficult to really discuss this with you. The developers have demonstrated that they respond positively to feedback and suggestions. Perhaps you could take some time to explain what you mean?




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