Common Phrases for In-game Chat

Some time back was in a game they used what was called dot command.

You would type a dot followed by a command that was translated

like; .6 would translate “Check 6”

and .s would translate “salute”

Of course it was also possible to configure combinations of keys for commands

link to their forums:

I think we need an in-game emoticon with a sweat drop for whenever your opponent plays a move you didn’t see coming.

I think this won’t work well since the SGF format is based on ASCII, so we’ll probably have to stick with the emoticons we know, or do it like this: <sweat>

ASCII isn’t an issue, data is data, it can be re-purposed, no matter the encoding.

Pretty much all emoticons are sent as ASCII text.

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OK, thx, now I understand.

please no emoticon pictures.
The big advantage automatical phrases bear is the transcendence of language barriers. However, I just treat everything I don’t understand at the beginning or end of a game as a polite greeting.
A sophisticated move comment and communication tool is too much in my opinion.

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I think stephenM’s idea is better than the ‘translated greetings’ … but…
no emoticons in automated messages, because its.

  • not needed
  • not neccesary that you always want to show same kind of feeling every time you use a specific statement.

but i figure that these kind of messages could be good for teaching games and/or reviews, so allowing them to be automatically translated to whomevers native tounge on the fly is a great idea

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Actually, fields of type text and simpletext can use any character encoding you specify. Comments are of type text, so in theory you could use something like utf-8 and have all those emoji things (

From the spec:

SGF uses the US ASCII char-set for all its property identifiers and
property values, except SimpleText & Text. For SimpleText & Text the
charset is defined using the CA property.

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Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but it’s to save starting a new one.

I’ve made a Chrome/Firefox extension which adds the functionality described above. It’s already available in the Chrome webstore, and it’s been submitted to Mozilla Add-ons for review, so should be available for Firefox soon.

Any suggestions for improvement or bug reports are appreciated, and you can view the source on Github.

Edit: After a brief 6 week wait in the review queue, the Firefox version has been approved


EDIT: Scratch that, works perfectly just needed to refresh lol smh

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That’s great! :thumbsup: :clap: A couple suggestions:

  • It would be nice to have an optional custom mini-text to show instead of the plain numbers (and personally, I’d remove the “quick chat” title aswell, but that’s just me being annoying :stuck_out_tongue:).
  • You could also hide all items with empty strings.

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you expand on “mini-text”? Like a shortened version of the message? e.g. If the message is "Thanks for the game, the button says “Tha…”

Good idea to hide unused buttons; ten is quite a lot, to be honest…it’s just a number I pulled out of the air when I started.

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For the record, if you turned this into a pull request I’d be happy to merge it, it’s a desired feature :slight_smile:


Exactly​! :thumbsup:

Wo hooo!

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That’s cool, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll look into it.