Common Phrases for In-game Chat

In the in-game chat box, it would be nice if we could pull up a list of common phrases (e.g. “Hello”, “Have a nice game”, “Goodbye”) that would translate automatically into the opponent’s language when selected.


That would be cool indeed… have to figure out how to work it into the interface without getting in the way


Transform the chat input box into an improved dropdown list.
Clicking on a down arrow at the right of the chat brings a list of clickable phrases


They have this on Tygem. It is confusing.

Maybe this is more appropriate as a third-party application? Like my voice recognition macro set.

Speaking of which… It needs updating.

When I was learning Shogi rule, there was a video lectures by a strong amateur, one of the video contain playing online. The common thing about those online Shogi servers is that there’s always a popup box of “Say greeting to your opponent? Yes/No”, and when you click Yes, it automatically paste “Onegaishimasu” into the chat. I think that’s also a good idea :smile:

Edit: Here’s the video I talk about.


The idea of having a list of greetings is that you should be able to set up personalized sentences.
Otherwise you’d better have a system that automatically says “good game” for you.

In that shogi video is there a reason why you wouldn’t answer “yes” to the popup?
If that system was in place and I didn’t see a greeting from my opponent I would know for sure that he is rude and not lazy to write “gg” or “hi” and I would probably cancel the game.

The only 2 reasons I see for a list of greetings are:

-Automatic translation
-Personalized messages

Other than that I’d prefer to have a check box on my settings page like so:
“Automatically output a random greeting.”

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I would say that correspondence matches definitely don’t need it.

Why not? It’s polite to say hi regardless of the type of match.

In correspondence, how much time do you actually need to take the effort to greet your opponent? I can understand a quick phrases set up for live games. In fact, maybe the developers should allow completely custom responses. Some people would have dozens of questions and answers.


I suppose I could use the time in between turns to learn how to say hi in German, but it would be simpler to pick “Hi” from an auto-translate list.

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Or you could go to Oktoberfest. It is coming up.


Heh, lazy dog that I am, I have a Text snippet that I use (with TextExpander/OS X):

Hello, this is Tom in Germany :-) Good game!

and meanwhile I usually always insert the nickname of my opponent after the “Hello”. Quite practical thing, IMHO.

Cordially, Tom


@sefo: I think it is more to promote the custom of “greet your opponent when the game start”. One use of the No button I can think of is to write your own greeting instead of a cold, automated message. I bring it up as base idea to build up from :smile: (I really like both of your ideas actually)

That’s actually great imo. I’m so fed up with afk-er and rude people. It would be really cool if I can now know for certain that my opponent didn’t greet me because s/he’s rude and not because s/he doesn’t know English. Insta-in-yo-face cancel!!!


I would go careful on the canceling :wink:
I do remember it took me a couple of games to figure out people “said ‘Hi’ all the time”. At a guess most newbies will have the same learning streak to go through.

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I’m not really strict on greetings. But if there was a system asking “Do you want to greet your opponent? yes/no” and somebody actually said “no” then I would feel offended.

However, as long as it’s a manual process and people have different habits,don’t speak the language, simply forget to greet, can’t write on mobile device or don’t have time to write (blitz) I’m not offended at all if I’m not greeted :slight_smile:

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I want to go!

A very polite way of doing it… Especially using the name.

I had not that of that but your right if the option automatically comes up then it is dbly rude when someone does not greet.

I don’t see this feature as anyway critical in a long long long time. Also as Anoek mentioned the extra button required to open a phrase list would only be on the way most of the time. I can’t see any justification for that. There is already the chat input field… sure this feature would make it much less tedious at “saying” greetings to the opponent. Just not for the price of yet another button at the user interface(user interface is really critical thing you know.)

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Old IGS clients often send greetings at the beginning and end of games and seeing those greetings is always annoying. They are zero-effort greetings of zero value.

I really don’t mind a silent game, devoid of “GG”-messages prior or subsequent.

If this option is ever implemented, please give us another option to automatically hide all zero-effort chat messages.

I propose a different feature: “Mumble”

This would be invoked on a stone or empty intersection - perhaps with the right mouse button or a modifier-key and the mouse button. It would be similar to the Ctrl+Click feature already implemented but, instead, it would show a context menu (or multi-level radial menu system, encircling the subject!) offering common mumbles. These would be popular phrases akin to those one might mutter under their breath (or loudly and obnoxiously) while playing across a real board, consisting of “feelings” on the first reason and “reasons” on the second. Picking one of each would generate a message like:

  • C2 gives a seki :slight_smile:
  • C2 is gote :expressionless:
  • C2 leads to ko :frowning:
  • C2 is a nice tesuji :slight_smile:
  • C2 is very brave :smile:
  • C2 fills me with fear :expressionless:
  • I was surprised by C2 :wink: (only available on stones)
  • I was expecting C2 :wink: (replacement for above when the subject is an empty intersection)
  • I anticipated C2 :slight_smile: (only available on stones)