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Let’s do another beachfront. It think it’s like the last one: if you don’t recognise it, I’m not sure how you’ll find it. On the other hand, surely a bunch of you have been there.

By the way: is that a thing: you have to have been to the places that you share?

There’s an extra opportunity in this one - you have to find the matching shot in google. Doing that you might see something that amused me…

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Out of curiosity, would you have found Vsotvep’s easier if it had included this structure?

The funny bulby palms and the bins made the bay-watch life guard house leap to my mind…

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oof. Probably not. But I would have started to search in California, maybe.

And I have to admit, I’ve never been to Andorra, and I wasn’t on that particular part of the Corinthian Channel. I’ll try to do places I personnaly know in the future.

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I don’t suppose it’s a rule but maybe it adds some extra interest. I had a nice evening on that beachfront during a business trip many years ago.

It’s hard to guess what’s difficult and what isn’t. The bins definitely would’ve been a big hint to me, and including the bay-watch house seemed to easy to me.

Of course, since @Eugene has visited the place, it’s not going to be difficult anyways, similar to how the Nihon Kiin would not be a challenge to me, except for visiting Google maps and going to the location.

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Nice, the statue is called “Neuf Ligne Oblique”, I foud it through searching “iron beams statue promenade”

I’m not sure what amused you, but I also can’t manage to find the exact matching shot, only very close approximations around it.

Also, I’ve never been to most of the places I shared, but I’ve been to this next one:

View from the other side

It’s not a famous place at all.


When I am asleep for the one near where I live.

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I found the matching shot in google, but don’t know what amused you…

The only thing I don’t like about this game is not having anything to do when I put up a challenge… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not very good at this game but it’s fun getting lost in google maps. I installed google earth, even.

Trying to get the light to pop on with your current hint. At first I was thinking like somewhere maybe transSiberian? But now I’m sort of unsure. The plates to me don’t look like the from the states, but the sign on the reverse view… Hmmm…

Also, this is the busy work I have to do right now. Hoping I can let it run in the background and let my logic and common sense rule the ‘post-test’.

Not sure why I get such a kick out of the little things, but I wanted to share… this is where I am…

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I was thinking it was the UK based on the language, side of the road for the stop sign, and the “Way out” sign instead of an “Exit” sign.

The problem is where do I go from there? I don’t have unlimited knowledge about the UK, instead I looked up two out of three of these things in the past two days.


Well, we have a rail line in the middle of nowhere :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like pine trees and tundra to me, though.

And I always thought I’d make a good detective…

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Do you mean that single pine tree?

Why not search for some pictures of the UK and decide if the landscape looks anything similar to my one? You could drop yourself in the middle of nowhere and see if it fits. I repeat: I don’t solve these challenges because I have unlimited knowledge of how the world looks like, it’s by making a guess, trying it out, and starting it over if it fails. The lake in New Zealand I could only find by searching for “lake new zealand” (after making a wrong guess and looking at a lot of lakes in Australia first). Lake Pukaki happened to look quite similar, so I investigated it further, and voila, there I found the answer.


Yes, that one. Lol. Are you back in the high plains?

Does that mean if I search “building UK”, I will get a relevant result?

No-one ever solved my Japanese one :expressionless:

I did butt in, so I suppose it’s fair.

Yea, someone did.

Eh, where was that?

Assai at like the 240s, he hid it. I’ve been doing that to so this page’s cache doesn’t get so enormous. Is that even a thing?

Hmm, I can’t read the sign or the license plate so the key clues seem to be

  1. The mountains
  2. The landscape
  3. The architecture

The landscape and architecture look quite European-influenced, so my best guess is that we are either talking about Northern Europe or North America. Those tracks look quite old, so maybe we’re looking at somewhere in North-Eastern Europe, like Estonia.

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