Community Geoguesser

As seen in @bugcat’s post The Raptor Game, we are setting up a new thread to play this game. We post photos from Google Streetview and then guess them. This is bugcat’s idea so thank him instead of me for this :slight_smile:

Well I guess here is one…

If you have a guess please just say it.


Any rules? One guess per user? 20 guesses? :stuck_out_tongue: Half-staff flags, we are def in the states… I’m considering near the Appalachian range… I’ll guess… IDK!!! Tennessee. Are there even mountains there? That’s a hard state to spell.

What do you think? I really don’t care about the number of guesses.


No, it is not in Tennessee.

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I bet it’s USA, because of the higher flag, Hawaii because of the lower one.



Yes it is Hawaii.
Full Picture:

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Oh, you spoiled it already…

I was going to continue searching for that train line on the right…

[Edit: lucky I didn’t, since it’s not a train line)

Dang, didn’t even see the tracks… Good detective work.

I already guessed, we practiced the format in PM c:

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I’ve done my fair share of geoguessing before it became paid

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I think that makes it your turn, V

searches for streetviews on Mars


There’s an OS map :stuck_out_tongue:

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Olympus Mons, right? (Volcano on Mars :P)

I don’t know the details.

Not sure if this is too easy…


Lol, the blurred faces. You can almost make out the lettering on the building… Hmm… And the cobblestone streets, not very common in the states.

I had to remove the blatantly obvious street name which Google imposed on top of the image :wink:


I’ll just guess… Vatican City?