Hi there!

I loved the “Community Geoguesser” thread (even though I didn’t participate much)

and now I happen to have a sort of new “geoguesser quiz”.

This is a picture of a Japanese city.

The pictures is not about the ground or the territory: it’s about people. Actually people’s mobile phones positions. But since people tend to move along streets and to avoid empty spaces (such as the middle of a lake), I think this picture should be pretty much similar to the urbanization degree of the ground.

The ground has been divided into a grid of squares: 200x200 squares having a 500 meters side. So, that’s an area of 100x100 km. To my Italian eyes, that seems humongous.

Anyway, back to the quiz.
For some reasons, we don’t know which city that is. Privacy nonsenses.
My question is: could you identify that city?
To me, it looks like there’s some sort of water front. I see one main city center and a smaller one (or maybe a few), a regular grid of streets near the city center… but I can’t figure a way to answer the question. And I don’t know the answer!
But I think there’s enough meat to challenge our clever geoguessers. :slight_smile:

I didn’t post this under the “forum games” category because I think someone would rather talk about the picture source and the privacy issues involved, which I’m very interested in, so maybe this thread will be more than just a game. Let’s see.


I think I found it. I just browsed around Google Maps and spotted something within a minute


If you flip the image

It seems to bear a resemblance to the area south of Nagoya


You’re right: I didn’t even give it a try before posting here. My bad!
But then I tried and found the same result in a short time. Size matters! :smiley: 100x100 km is such a big piece of territory!

Which leads me to the following thought: why trying to hide the city name for “privacy” reasons? That’s ridiculous. One minute search and what? The privacy is now broken?


Breaking through privacy protecting barriers, however small, might be illegal in some places. You might be in trouble now, @yebellz ! :wink:


Yes, quite ridiculous


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