Bugcat's thread guide

An attempt to collect a non-exhaustive list of threads that might hold long-term interest. (Lounge excluded)

Subject Thread
9x9 Weird and Wonderful 9x9 Openings
13x13 The 13x13 thread
Anti-Boredom How not to get bored during a lockdown
Anti-Boredom Quarantined in the Years of the Internet
Anti-Boredom Podcast and app recommendations
Art Art & Go
Art Analyze mode art
Backgrounds Board backgrounds library
Books Let’s read Go books
Books What non-Go book are you reading right now?
Books What would you choose for your personal library?
Democratic Go All-in-one Democratic Game
Equipment DIY Building a Go Board
Equipment DIY DIY convertible storage goban
Equipment DIY Anyone ever made DIY Go stones?
Flags etc. Hilarity with Heraldry
Food The Dining Hall
Food Food that others love but you hate
Food Food that others hate but you love
Forum Games Guess the black stones
Forum Games Guess rank game
Forum Games Sommelier Game
Forum Games “I remember…” game
Forum Games Go-style Horoscopes
Forum Games (O-T) Community Geoguesser
Glossary Glossary for Go terms in J. / C. / K.?
History A short travel through OGS history
History A hypothetical precursor game – rules of ancient Go
History The history and evolution of the kyu rank in Go
Tournament History Through the Years: Long Correspondence
Humour Go Memes
Humour Go Jokes
Humour You know you are a Go addict when…
Humour Features everyone secretly want on OGS
Humour OGS proverbs
Images Images of olden times
Images Images of newer times
Languages Language Learners’ Library
Languages What languages do you speak?
Life & Death [Study Group] Essential Life and Death Patterns
Life & Death When is 3-3 alive?
Media Sightings Playing Go in Movies and TV Shows
Go Mentality Mild annoyances about Go
Go Mentality The little pleasures of Go
Go Mentality What real-life situation would you use as an analogy to Go?
Mistakes Professional players making rookie mistakes
Mistakes Worst Moves Ever
Music Music sharing thread (no chit-chat)
Music Napster’s music sharing thread (chit-chat)
Music Alternative Titles & Lyrics Inspired by Go
Music Call for artists, programmers, visionaries: Go to music
News Go World News
Openings Unique professional openings
Go Opinions Controversial Go opinions
Other Board Games Exploring other board games
Personal Story Behind Your Username and / or Profile Pic?
Personal Interest in Go and Connections to CJK Cultures
Photography Playing Go IRL pictures
Photography Show your goban / study space!
Photography Pictures from Home
Photography Pet pictures
Poetry Renku Game
Poetry Christmas Go Haiku Challenge
Poetry Some Go haiku
Poetry New Year’s Poetry
Polls Important Philosophical Questions + Polls
Puzzles A tsumego a day keeps the doctor away
Puzzles Neat problems from real games
Puzzles Capture Go problems
Resources OGS Community Go Resources
Resources Go Books / Content in the Creative Commons
Rules Exploration Odd Cases in the Japanese Rules
Rules Exploration Sugest a new rule you’d like to see in Go
Shape Sharing Share your shapes!
Shape Sharing A seki sharing thread
Shape Sharing Monster seki!
Small Questions Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread
Streaming (Japanese) Youtube streams
Teaching Becoming 9 Kyu – A Series for Beginners
Teaching Mark5000’s Guide to the Opening
Teaching Go lessons in broad strokes, by Mark5000
Teaching 19x19 for Beginners – Introduction: Making Sense of Go
Teaching 19x19 for Beginners – Part 1: Sente and Gote
Teaching 19x19 for Beginners – Part 2: Settling Your Stones
Teaching 19x19 for Beginners – Part 3: Playing a Balanced Opening
Teaching 19x19 for Beginners – Part 4: Joseki Basics
Teaching 19x19 for Beginners – Part 5: The Stages of the Game
Terminology Non-Japanese loanwords used in English Go discussions?
Go Variants Thue-Morse (Fair Sharing) Sequence
Go Variants Let’s play Tibetan Go!
Go Videos Go videos
Go Videos Most Popular Go YouTube Channels
Go Videos Dim Sum Cafe – short Go videos
Go Videos Go Pro Yeonwoo English Youtube Channel!
Off-Topic Videos Relaxing and thought-provoking videos
Off-Topic Videos Cooking Videos
Review Videos A review in 24 parts (Fujisawa Rina vs Sun Zhe)
Video Games What Are Your Favourite Childhood Video Games?
Webcomics Webcomics

I’m sure I missed a load more!


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A lot more poetry threads cataloged here:

Maybe “images” and “photography” should be merged into one category, since most of the posts in the images thread are anyways photos.

Note sure what category these fall under, but I think that they are quite notable discussions:


Some other thread suggestions:


Bugcat: the cause and solution to a cluttered forum! The things you do are awesome :+1:, thank you.


This thread should be pinned at the top of the forum for all to see along with FAQs etc


How about we split the list more clearly into Go related topics and other topics?


I like it as it is.


Two more suggestions




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The second one is already on there, under Puzzles. Adding Go lessons in broad strokes.


This one is also missing, perhaps a sign of pessimism?

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Well, TTY hasn’t even been running for a year yet…

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So, you are pessimistic about its future, and it was not just an oversight?

There are plenty of other threads in the list that are not older than one year.

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