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Hey, there, Go players!

Being able to play go online at OGS is a fantastic way to reach out to the larger world of Go. Indeed, we have the opportunity to meet such a variety of people in a multitude of places, all joined in their pursuit of a higher tesuji! But, let’s admit it, playing a game in real life (IRL) has a particular charm that is lost with online play: the feel of the smooth stones in your fingers, the way they snap on the board, watching the tightening of your opponents jaw, and so on.

Playing IRL for many at OGS is a relatively rare treat. So I’d like to start a thread where we can share pictures of the IRL games that inspire and delight us, and keep us coming back for more.

Please share your (appropriate) pictures (that you are legally allowed to share) of your IRL games, and make sure to make your Go game the star of the show.

To get started, here’s a picture of @calantir (on the right) playing Go in a Japanese noodle house in NY:

Children and Go
Pictures From Home

Oh… such a nice idea, such a nice photo (and such nice sweaters :smiley: )

And I forgot to take photos tonight … we were four (FOUR!) Go players at my place (but one came late, when another was about to leave), three games were played simultaneously between three players, and one game I played took five hours (with OGS user @mkei) (and yes, you read it right: FIVE HOURS). We used different sets of stones for each board so we wouldn’t get too confused — one glass, one Yunzi, and one S&S.

Next Friday I hope to remember to take photos.

Thanks @tinuviel … and could you please remind me to take photos? :wink:


God, 5 hours, you should use clocks! :smiley: Sadly I moved, and I don’t think anyone in this area knows how to play, tho someone saw me playing it online and asked if it was the game from “a beautiful mind” maybe he would be interested in learning it :smile: playing in real life is so much more fun.


SunPin(Currently Professor X) v @Nichiren at the Morikami Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida, United States.

It was a perfect morning and then torrential rains forced us inside. We are very soaked in this picture. Nothing more wet than the board which, weeks later, appears to have survived.


Brooklyn. ~10k cat?


Dang. I began posting here with photos and lost my drafts twice after typing and putting in pics and typing again, prolly cause I accidentally hit ESC or something. Too annoyed now, will try again tomorrow :no_mouth:


I believe in you, @trohde! :wink:

I will look forward to them tomorrow then.

I’ve really enjoyed the contributions so far. Thanks to you all!


It’s a repost, but this is me playing with my wife, half a year ago: :blush:

(Click here for other pictures)


OK then. So, last night user @mkei and I sat from around 18:00 pm until around 01:30 am and played two three-hour games.

This is the first, Black to play:

Can you say which colour won the game?

I also tried to convert a photo to an SGF using Baduk Cap on iPad 2, but the SGF seems to be faulty, I’ll have to check that out.

A look to the right side of the board:

And across the table to the shelf, here is only a part of my Go library …

… which, since I am the local Go club :smiley: also is the Go Club Library, therefore there are a few duplicates. For example, all the fine books by Robert Jasiek are missing here because I’m currently reading in them, so they are in the, uhm, bathroom. (You wanted to know, didn’t you?)

Another perspective, looking westward:

Though we played with S&S stones (which BTW I love more with every game) we didn’t use this Katsura goban of about 40–45 years because currently I don’t have appropriate sitting options here, plus the floor is quite cold:

This is me, albeit quite small to save me from too much embarrassment and you from the shock of a grin with many missing teeth:

And, finally, our second game (and I don’t remember whose turn it was here, but quite possibly also Black’s):

Again, can you say which colour won the game?

I hope I will, in the future, play other friendly :yin_yang:GS players here, too :slight_smile: In case you come to the Lüneburg Heath in Northern Germany, contact me, I might be able — and willing :smiley: — to put you up for a few days.

Do you have Go board?

I would say White wins big time :slight_smile:


Heh. White was whining and cursing almost all through the game, though. No idea why they always do that :innocent:


@calantir (left) and @Kuroneko playing on a cheapie magnetic board in a bar.

9 stone handicap. Can you guess for whom? :wink:


I’m VERY jealous of your space, and of that library! How long have you been cultivating your collection, if I may ask?


[quote=“Forensicator, post:13, topic:2653, full:true”]
I’m VERY jealous of your space, and of that library![/quote]You are invited to come and visit me, but I told you already :smile:

[quote]How long have you been cultivating your collection, if I may ask?[/quote]You may ask anything, it’s up to me to answer if I want :slight_smile: I think it’s been seven years now. Or is it ten? Me and time … having spent seven childhood years in South India, my time perception is quite Asian, I think. What’s behind, is gone. A big, diffuse bubble of … behind. The time arrow goes right through my navel, I am here, and I am now.


One of these days @trohde, I am going to take you up on that offer.


Tonight I was very happy again to play with @mkei :slight_smile: this time only for six hours … two 2–2.5-hour games.


My son and I playing a birthday game of go.


This is me at club. We’re playing on my set.

EDIT: Well, one of my sets. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me and @calantir playing our first game on calantir’s new Christmas go set.

Aren’t I a good wife? :wink: