Playing Go IRL pictures


What a lucky man he is :blush: Also, wonderful board. :wink:


@calantir playing some 9x9 on the reverse side (!) of the new board with our 5yo.


Those 2-2 moves are cool. She’s a natural talent!


She started on tengen. Because, duh, tengen.



Longest game with my 1.5 y.o. daughter - it was 1.5 year ago and she was white :slight_smile: Now she only makes circles with the stones, but maybe she will start playing :smiley:


Just playing a few Moves for a picture


So, is that your normal home attire?


Awesome shot! Robe and board are both :thumbsup:



Dude, I keep coming back to look at your gorgeous board! What is the wood? Or is it a stain? It’s so lovely. I love how the lines are lighter than the board.



Two stages of a game between my brother @spiridon (right) and me (left), with the company of a delicious mojito drink. Sorry about the low quality.


Since You guys seem to like my Kimono, I guess i’ll have to wear it during my go photos

@tinuviel Its a rosewood board with a nice finish

@crodgers This is just my 碁 attire


Tried to beat the timer and get everything correct [new users can only post one image so I’m double posting]



Rosewood is my favorite! :heart_eyes:


This is me playing a game last year. Sorry about the picture’s low quality.


Shusai, you look good for 141. Oh sorry, you said last year. For 140 then. :disappointed:


@calantir’s and my youngest (2yo) was watching us play. After we cleaned up, she spontaneously reached into the bowl, picked up a stone, and placed it on the board. We were so surprised at her correct form that we asked her to try again. This is the result. Future dan? Too. Cute. :heart:


looks amazing! : )


Post-game review. @calantir (left) and @cloudbrows…and lots of little hands to help. :blush:


guys - check out the tournament I organised in Toruń:
1st Handicap Tournament for the Ruby Stone


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