Playing Go IRL pictures


Yes. I love all of them.

Makes me want a board of my own…and, people in my area who actually know how to play.



One from my study space. Oftentimes, the board generates a lot more interest in the game than telling people about it. It’s been easier to get people to look into things since I had the board.


Pictures from the European Youth Go Championship 2015 in the Netherlands - These are kids from Poland (2 girls and 1 boy - all 12y.o. but two of them had to play in the older group)


Enjoying the perfect weather on the deck for mother’s day.


13x13 fight by 10 and 9yo, they spent 5 minutes of playing and 30 minutes kibitzing it :slight_smile:


Saturday study session :sunny:


@calantir and @cloudbrows playing in the 2nd round of the MD open tourney. This was cal’s only loss that day.

Update (day 2): calantir’s only loss in the tourney!


I have quite a few photos on boardgamegeek, so crossposting (they are all CC-Share etc) (But I am limited to one image per post)


I’ve organized a tournament in Go and AtariGo in a Primary School in Złotoria (this is the 3rd edition). There were 30 children from 2 schools. It was on May 15th. Great times!

Pictures belong to Wojtek Sz. - my friend and co-organizer


Okay, so this is not a playing Go picture, but my car is very Real Life :slight_smile:


Finished game with @calantir. 1.5 point loss. T_T

So close, yet so far… xD


I want this sticker :slight_smile: How can I get it?

BTW - I have posted pics from the tournament I organized in May:


@ZyBeX86, here:


@calantir playing simultaneous games with me and @seigler. xD


Took quite some time to find, this is me playing with my friend in the hospital while waiting for his firstborn :smiley:


Late evening rengo. @calantir and @cloudbrows as white; @Kuroneko and me as black.


Pretty special to get to play go like this. Just a reminder that this only happened because @trohde posted about GoKibitz on this very forum early this year. Connections are great!


Hope the picture turns out ok - first time attempting to upload a photo to the forums…
This was taken at a Flagstaff Go Club meeting in Arizona, USA. The club is on hiatus at the moment. I miss playing over the board. I started the club in my town for this very reason, but after a while I was the only person going.


WOT? I didn’t realise that :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know :heart:

Yes, indeed :slight_smile:

Greetz, Tom


It’s a little crowded, but it is a study space all the same.