Playing Go IRL pictures


Our former president (Grenoble Go club) during his game at the French team championship (‘Master Lim cup’).
I really like the deep thinking in this picture. =)


@calantir - I also played a simul, but last year with my student and his father… :slight_smile: Time sure flies :smile:

I think I died in the top game :wink:

I also played a simul with my students before they went to EGYC 2015 but can’t find the pic :frowning:

EDIT: Found the pic - it’s on my wife’s phone so I’ll upload it soon. Out of other interesting things - I’ve been nominated to be CAPTAIN of the Polish Youth Go Team during the EYGTC 2015-2016 :smile:

EDIT: Hate of doing double posts so I’ll edit :wink:

Here’s my friend happy before noticing he will finish in gote :wink:

And this is me thinking about how to save the tengen :smile:


Fun go get-together at @cloudbrows, complete with iPhone go clocks. With @calantir and a couple others, all around 2 to 4 kyu AGA (aaaaand me, lol). The game in front ended up a complete bloodbath, btw, on both sides. So many dead stones…


Nice photo, and nice Yunzi … what’s the iOS app you’re using there?


It’s GameClock Tournament, and it’s pretty perfect as a clock. The setup is really easy. My buddy Diego (the arm with the blue sleeve across from me) found it when I went to his house last year to play go with some coworkers of his from NASA.


Also, re: the Yunzi, I’m very proud of these stones since they’re the only go prize I’ve ever won. I got them for winning my division (as a 10k!) in the 2011 Maryland Open.


Having a party and go broke out. With @calantir and @cloudbrows. Another friend is playing our almost-3-year-old in the background.


Awesome to see how so different ages can engage in the same thing, especially such an intellectual game, w/o one side being bored … may I ask how much handicap she takes? And what strength does her opponent have? Are “serious” games on 9x9 possible already?

Anyway — awesome!


Her opponent is about 2k aga. He said she did fairly well until she started filling in her own territory (to make it seem more like hers, I suppose?).


so all-ready playing with Chinese rules : D


My first ever blitz game win against @calantir. \o/

1.5 point margin. tinuviel resists urge to buy display case for those 2 captured stones


Virtual display case:



I love the glass in this shot.


Kind of a beautiful final position, too.


That would be his birthday scotch in the glass. :smile:

Also, we found a free game clock on android with byo yomi. \o/


@calantir again playing in the Japanese noodle house featured in the first pic of this thread.


We went hiking with a friend and his kids yesterday. Perfect fall day. With @calantir.

Pictured is the beginning of a handi game between our friend and one of his kids after the hike.


When some are going up, others are going down.

(French Youth Congress 2015)


@calantir started a 9 stone handi game with our friend’s 6yo.

…buuuuuut, the 6yo lost interest when the other kids were all being read to. So our friend took over for his son since the game was about even at that point (he and cal are about the same rank).


It looks like Motoki keeps an eye on kids from Grenoble playing a tournament with japanese group Shicho !