Playing Go IRL pictures


Professor X takes pointers from @ysc1234 in South Florida, United States


According to the Secret History of the Mongols, the Pilgrims played Go with the Natives.

Happy Thanksgiving.


When playing on OGS, especially live tournament games, I like to play the game on the board :slight_smile: This is a borrowed set from our club (which is actually under my care)

Also we had two tournaments - one in Toruń and one in Bydgoszcz. Pictures will be aviable soon but you can check our Facebook pages:


Toruń AKAI RYUU:ński-Klub-Go-157730240909722/?fref=ts


What kind of stones are those?


Looks like yunzi-style stones, all turned upside down. :slight_smile: If you follow the second facebook link, there is another photo with the same stones… and some REAL stones as well.


@calantir and @xhu98 playing a late night game after picking xhu98 up from the airport.

…It was over quickly. :smile:


@xhu98 SMASH!


Should I call calantir reckless to play xhu without handi stones? Very nice looking Goban!


They played again last night and @xhu98 actually had to stop and think a few times. Lol.

@calantir is a fast learner and xhu98 is an excellent teacher , so TAKING ALL BETS as to whether cal can break through to 1 dan by the end of this visit. :wink:

edit Also, thanks! Re: goban, it’s bamboo. We got it to go with the bamboo bowls (and yunzi stones) calantir won at the last MD Open (go tourney).


Ugh. I guess that means I need to study more.

/me shakes fist at sky


/me looks to @xhu98 for a teaching game or two… :wink:


BTW, what rank the dog is? :dog:


Don’t know his rank, but he always finds a spot on the bed that gives him influence in all four directions.


He doesn’t look like he thinks he can learn something by watching mere amateurs playing… must be pretty strong :wink:


@xhu98 playing post-brunch simul games with @calantir and @cloudbrows at our little go get-together. Anyone else spending holiday break time on some extra playing?


My old homemade board (just varnished plywood and a hinge!) - it was hard to get a goban in Ireland back then, and I was a poor student. :o)


Played a teaching game with a friend of mine from college a couple days ago. It was great to play Go in person for the first time since Congress. :smiley:


@calantir and @xhu98 and me playing ZenGo. Somehow, black won overwhelmingly. (o_O)?


To clarify: I did not touch that bottle of beer in the photo. :sweat_smile:


@calantir (b) on his way to shodan vs. @xhu98 (w), photo creds @tinuviel

rip dragon