Playing Go IRL pictures


Go at the Beach (Gulf Shores, Alabama) in December.


A friend from my University years is working near for the time being so we can play some games. Tonight I won, but was losing 30 points after we played through after his resign. White is @ZyBeX86 playing against a strong 8 kyu on a 4 handi match. In the end the black group in the center died, as it got cut of from the group in the upper left.


I feel kinda embarrassed seeing the quality of the photos before me… but hey it’s the quality of the Go that matters more right?

Here’s my lovely overexposed picture. I’m Black (waiting for racist jokes to come). You might not be able to tell, but there was a big furikawari at the top left that was better for my opponent and I was behind in territory by a lot (I counted 20+) . Luckily I managed to kill the centre group for the win.


Here is me 10 years ago, getting my game reviewed by Peter Liu 2p (MilanMilan on KGS) and Jimmy (Chinese 5d, was also KGS 9d, but forgot his sn) from a Go trip in Beijing. Friend and fellow Go’n’Game participant Chris peeks over to see how I failed. Improved from 5k to 1d in 2 months thanks to this trip!


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me, mcadoux and ecahn in brooklyn


Wish we were there!


@calantir blames the sake he was drinking for this one. Maybe I should thank the sake I was drinking?


2nd round of yesterdays (20.02.2016) tournament in Toruń. Just 3 moves away from my defeat (first board - I’m black)


Tournament between different schools in Grenoble (atari-go)
Yup it is a video, not only one picture, sorry for that…


Go and noodles, because…wait, this is self-evident. with @calantir


Looks like fun


I’m getting jealous looking at that picture.


Had a great time playing with @anoek at the Ponysaurus Brewing Company in Durham, NC. Hardest part was counting the score after the game. OGS makes it so much easier!


Kitty replaying game Lee Hajin 3P - Lee Jihyun 4P


Playing some petango between the rounds of Rennes Tournament last weekend !


school Go / Ponuki-Go tournament


@vaurien, this is awesome! Care to tell us a little bit more about …

  • where ?
  • what kind of school?
  • when?
  • number of participants?
  • age range of participants?
  • voluntary organizers or supported by school?
  • etc.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Shop project. With @calantir.

Problem: Kids won’t leave goban and stones alone, but board is too pretty to put completely out of sight.

Solution: Vertical storage, i.e. wall display case.

Not a game, I know, but who else would care except you all? :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. I am going to steal this.