Playing Go IRL pictures


Can’t wait to kill @calantir’s dragon on that board :open_mouth:


That looks great! My only concern would be the stones getting knocked onto the floor and making a mess…


We’ve been thinking about that. The bowls are up there as a trial run. They’re surprisingly stable because of the furry fabric in which the box is covered; they don’t easily slide. Might get them their own shelf if this doesn’t work out.

I would say they’re out of the kids’ reach, but the 6yo is innovative…


is the board itself hanging on the wall or is it inside a shelf? How do you take it out? Looks like a pretty tight fit if it’s 2 separate cases.


Pre-upholstery shots:


Three people at our »Go-Abend« today … @mkei (across the table) kicked our respective asses (10k & ~25k), as so often.

To the left my new shin-kaya board and S&S stones & bowls which all I got used a week ago (“used” meaning they had been played once, about ten years ago).

(bad photo b/c taken with an old iPad 2)


Go party at the noodle house. With @calantir and @Fairgo.


Where’s Waldo?!

No, wait…uh, I mean, MD Open tourney (day 2) happening today! :sweat_smile:


I couldn’t find Waldo, but I think I see @xhu98.


Post-MD Open rengo. @calantir and @xhu98 (white) vs @Fairgo and me (black). B+Nuclear Tesuji, courtesy of xhu98.


20.05.2016 in Osielsko, Poland. There were almost 60 kids playing Ponnuki-Go and Go on 13x13. This is the last time we have so many pupils in one tournament. Starting next school year we plan on doing a school team tournament with smaller tournaments at schools. The photos are at the school page of one of the participants (mostly 13x13go players)




And this is the bigger tournament at the end of the year near the city hall :
150 children from all Grenoble districts aged from 7 to 11 except two schools of youngers aged between 4 and 7 and older from 11 to 15.

all pictures of the event here (u may see InSeong !) :


Let’s Go back !!!


Mumbai boardgamers first Go meetup
They started on a 5x5 board and graduated to a 9x9 board
Unfortunately none of them ever came back

I should be meeting two other local players who I found through OGS tomorrow


This weekend, 2 people more are inspired to playing Go (in Geramny).

me, rolling a cigarette and thinking harder, because one of them was pretty good for a beginner :smiley: <


Me vs harrypotter192


We really, really, really need this here, too:

From OGS at the US Go Congress, thanks to @thouis!


Haven’t posted a game in a while. Playing on the lawn on a beautiful late summer day. @calantir (w) won by 10.5 points. I like the lighting in this one.