Playing Go IRL pictures


Wow … @nukeu666, could you please offer a few words for those photos? Like, who are those players, what event(s)? I’m curious …

I also notice how Cho Chikun holds on to his smoothie (?) bottle – maybe after he stole that cup of tea from that referee he’s afraid that others could try something similar with him :smiley:

And I took liberty to rotate that last photo, lest others here get a stiff neck like I did :wink:


Top 2 are from the reddit Tokyo go meetup, guy in glasses is a 5d and doesn’t get much of a challenge
Third is from the nihon kiin summer camp, cho chikun is discussing iyama yuutas next possible move in the first meijin match

I write-up is long due but I’m lazy and travelling through Japan right now
I may post a pic of a kyoto go salon soon



Takao something go tournament

Room where the meijin match is taking place, we could go in during the lunch break


A photo from the Belfast Open last weekend - my first tournament since taking the game back up in December. Lots of fun, but completely exhausting!


Kansai kiin


I went here this past summer and it was AWESOME :smiley:


Plan to visit there this December :slight_smile: , are there foreigner friendly? I can speak very limited Japanese.


They are friendly, some will know passable English so everyone will manage

Nihon kiin general playing area
Old old book, selling for 350$


Does a win really count if your opponent threw out his back and was playing to take his mind off the pain? One and a half point win against @calantir. This was taken after the breeze showered us with leaves midgame.


Are those yunzi stones? My wife was wondering if there are any stones that have the same texture for black & white - the grainy faux-slate of our black glass stones is pretty annoying. How are those ones?


They are yunzi. I find them a bit rough. I really prefer our high quality glass stones from go game guru. Nice and smooth.

Edit: The black and white yunzi do have the same texture.


now that ive been here for a few months i am fairly sure that ill stay :slight_smile:, which is why i would like to (ab)use this thread (i hope ill be forgiven) to just say hi to everyone.
well… hi! :blush:

and some pics of a game i played with my brother :grin:


That is quite the scenery, kickaha. :oD


Wow! That place is beautiful!


Where is that¿


@nukeu666 In Austria, near Innsbruck.
@crodgers Yes it is. I am very lucky.


Go camping with friends who play and a game is bound to break out, amiright? @calantir (b) won by 5.5 points.


Playing a little bit of Capture GO with my cousin in Sweden. My cousin is the one taking the photos, she’s not very good at go yet, granted neither am I but I’m learning and so is she.


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Jedi used to manage ultimate moves, now our players try to get it for the International Go Tournament of Grenoble (TIGGRE)


One of those players appears to be in a significantly colder climate than the player across the board from them.