Playing Go IRL pictures


Petyr from Czech Republic was visiting India for work so I made a day trip to Pune and we had the first India go camp :stuck_out_tongue:


Here I am playing go at a friend’s house


Hello @nadoss,

looks like you pressed “Reply” while your image was still “Uploading…”.


thanks I fixed it. I was using it on my phone and it said 100% uploaded


To revive this thread, here’s post from recent go tournament:кубок-кидо/ (only a link, since photos aren’t mine and there’re a lot of them)


Uhhh…what is going on here?


As far as I can understand, this is go variant, where players can make N moves in succession (no idea how to correctly call it in English) . And that’s why the position is so weird.


I’ll revive this thread by posting photos from the Polish Youth Go Championship 2017
158 new photos · Album by Dominik Blek (ZyBeX86)
Polish Youth Go Championship 2017

Some are cute, some are serious :slight_smile:


Everypixel doesn’t get go.


98% chance this picture is awesome


Teaching go at a pub event

Teaching go to government school kids


Pictures from Ze Tournoi 2017 (Grenoble) by Fred B. =D

Dragons were made by Tudual D.



Are we all invited to play with cafe und Kuchen?

: )


Little study group - maybe you’ll recognize some of them ! Pizz n’ Go !

And at the rendez-vous of monday at Grenoble we now have the conditioned air !!


Looks like a fun group!!!


This is my newly made goban with some stones for VERY simple joseki laid in! This is a mirror shape I made while testing the 13x13 side of the board!


My first real Kaya goban

laminated though. with size 36 snow

Go Accessories (Board Covers, Bowl Carrying Bags etc.)

Who would laminate a kaya goban?? :open_mouth:


Which app is that, may I ask? :slight_smile:


the one i use is called “go game clock” …:sweat_smile:

simple countdown and canadian byo-yomi are also possible. its free and does its job, but its nothing fancy. there is no sound warning you of the impending timeout, which sucks a little.