Playing Go IRL pictures


These are expensive single block Kaya:

and these are laminated (several wood blocks are laminated to form a board):

Single block gobans are definitely better for 1.5 ‘Sun’ (43.5mm) and thicker, but thin single blocks are prone to warping. I wanted mine to be thin for portability, so it’s 1 Sun (29mm) laminated real Kaya.


Makes sense :slight_smile: enjoy

I have my first go set on order… but it’s just a cheapie to start with haha


I use this one:

It has all Japanese and Canadian byoyomi, Fischer and also Hourglass. It has configurable sound alerts and all. Really cool.


I really like this app, thanks! A timeout lets you hear a glorious Chinese gong sound.

“ADD 1 MIN.” option at timeout actually adds one byoyomi period in Japanese byoyomi, but this is even preferable.

ps. I almost took my new goban with me to the bed when it arrived :stuck_out_tongue:


Go Timer Pro is the best Android app I could find WITH voice countdown in both Chinese and English. Still looking for a Japanese or Korean timer though.

Only Byoyomi time setting, but most of the Go playing world uses it unless you’re part of the special exception.


beautiful scenery , i want to play there too
more close than Japan


Ellie Cup ???


next year , i will be there too


i want to go back to Japan


Koba , the cutest kitten playing balls


Please ignore the made up position on the board, I was getting ready to explain counting territory to my kids. My cat thinks the position is even.


Playing 3 color go with the children! Bad picture quality because phone is bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. Somehow, I’ve never heard of 3-color go. Often at our go group IRL, there are only three of us. Now I can suggest this instead of us playing 9x9 in rotation, or having one person sit out and kibitz a 19x19 game. Of course, we’ll need to get a third color of stones.


Just a short off-topic note:

What we do in our IRL Go group when we’re only three, is that we all play two games simultaneously: we sit in a triangle and everyone play the two other ones. Sometimes a bit confusing, like “OH NO, how many black Yunzi stones did I put in the bowl with the slate stones?”, but otherwise we have fun with that.


Me too. But I often play poorly because I don’t want the other guy to wait too long so I rush. Or I don’t rush and neglect the other guy.

Play Chinese rules if you mix up stones. You are using Yunzi (chinese stones) after all.


Play Chinese rules in one game, Japanese in the other, and New Zealand in the other. That should help avoid confusion :grinning:


A couple pics from a tournament my son and I played in this weekend in Raleigh NC. Great weather for an outdoor event.


First go board just purchased today. I guess I am invested in this hobby now.


Sorry I did not answered (since I did not came back on the forum :x )
It was not for Ellie cup, the first one was for a little lecture Inseong ( wanted to try on us about AlphaGo new josekis and the second was for a casual rendez-vous the monday at Grenoble =)


Amsterdam, last night.