Playing Go IRL pictures


She’s giving me 5 handi and doesn’t even care!


I made a serious evaluation of that game position. My logic went as follows.

  1. We can expect that Black will play H18 to save his group in gote.
  2. Let us assume that White plays a simple move to protect the centre; in my evaluation, this was the keima to I6.
  3. Black has ~ 15 points in the two right corners.
  4. Black has ~90 points points on the side, plus let’s say potential 10 points more in the centre left.
  5. White has about 100 points in his big moyo.

My counting’s not good, but I’d thus say that Black won this game.


It’s strange: I don’t have the usual “like” and other buttons at the botto of trohde’s post.

Anyone else? (FWIW, I wanted to like it!)


When it comes to cold weather there are few things I like better than observing it from indoors. Doing it while seated in front of a brand new goban is even nicer. :slight_smile:

(Full disclosure: not my game, it’s a historical one laid out for study.)


TBH, it’s such a long time ago that I don’t really remember :grimacing: I think the 1st game was won by W, totally no idea abt the 2nd.

And mkei who was once two stones weaker than me has long since overtaken and meanwhile must be 3-4 stones stronger than I am :smiley: We haven’t played in a long time since my “Go salon” was closed for almost a year (and still is) b/c my guest apartment (said “Go Salon”) is occupied, but meanwhile I’ve been preparing the (not yet) living room downstairs and hope to have “open door” again for Go every Friday evening at the beginning of 2018.

And this:

:open_mouth: no idea what’s going on there. But thanks :slight_smile: :pray:


A recent family visit saw my Father really grasp the idea of connecting stones. He taught me to play Chess as a child, now it’s time to return the favour…

We’ve been practicing for a long time, but we finally played our first unassisted 9-stone handicap game:

It was so much fun that we played again the following day, this time in a local coffee shop:


Very cool! I wish my family was more into Go!


Tip, @Cactus_Juice, buy/ give them a 9x9 board, I got one from Santa today, and there was never so much go at our table as today. Perfect for fast tutorial games :wink:


playing out the ear-reddening game with my cat mishka


I hope Mishka gave you a good fight.


she was playing white in the game so we already know how that turned out :slight_smile:


Playing against myself, because there’s no one to play with.


Look on the bright side—at least you are winning!:smile:


No! He’s behind!! :laughing:


Teaching Go to young judo athletes and their parents in Florence, Italy.


Last night with @vandoorn


Hero Festival @ Grenoble :smiley:





A game against Kylo Ren seems very very dangerous! :smiley:


hero festival seems cool
how many days ? or just for a week end ??
lots of people there


It was two days and It was really cool… apparently - because I did not take part on that event. I was taking a break between 4 day tournament of Grenoble and the 4 day tournament of Rennes x)