Playing Go IRL pictures


Rennes tournament :

New photo by Go Grenoble

Grenoble tournament :

New photo by Go Grenoble


European Go Congress EGC 2018, Pisa, Italy

More pictures and videos here:


Here’s me when I was a lot younger in Japan. (on the ‘nice’ board)

and his other board


Go and renju at Igrocon.


To be honest I prefer the second board: the floral design is really pretty and unique.


Here’s “official” photo archive from igrocon if anyone likes to look at photos:


Italian championship 2018, Florence.

Less than 40 participants. :frowning:
Three kids! :slight_smile:
I ended 30th. :see_no_evil:


Wow looks like a really nice experience! What’s the context? You played with the owner of a restaurant or a ryokan? Was it part of their services or something not offered to the public generally?


Man - I feel your pain! Go really sucks eh! :smiley:


It was with my girlfriend at the times grandfather when I was in Japan performing in a gala. He was very surprised a young westerner actually knew how to play. He spoke very little English, but after playing, we got along really well because not only could I play, but I wasn’t terrible… needless to say, there was a lot of sake drinking after. Truly one of my favorite memories, I just wish I could go back and play him now.


It’s great that you give yourself so much time for the games!
I want that.

I am always feeling nervous and pressured about the amount time I spend on reading the board during games, but then I tend to play IRL with stronger players who I’ve only just met.

One great thing about playing with friends is they will be more accepting of deep thinking and slower games.


Official album from Japanese Ambassador Cup 2018:


One example from that album:


This album made me think about the mood of Go players: we always look very focused when we play, but we don’t seem to enjoy very much! :slight_smile:

Why are we so serious? :sweat_smile:


I think most people look serious when they are thinking hard, but not when they are hardly thinking.


A go lesson in the bush…

(a friend of mine in the photo, not me :smiley: )


Check this one out!
(honestly stolen from here


No way… photoshop???


Camille Lévêque, French 3k (reported rank, she performs at 5k level).


How does that even work? Who is tracking the actual stones?

While playing blind simul?