Playing Go IRL pictures


The place looks like EGC2018 in Pisa, Italy. I think I’ve seen those tables.



No undoes in that game :wink:


Indeed. A good way to play Capture Go perhaps. :slight_smile:


Eraser? I dunno.


That sure doesn’t look like pencil :smiley:


Let’s hope they don’t start a ko fight


Even with pencil erasing stones would look ugly. But luckily I have no such problem. Because no one even knows about go, I just draw my recent games from memory so I can stop at first capture.


WHY??? :hushed:


With @CalabiYau in Geneva today:


What an amazing example of distorted perspective! When I first saw this, I thought, where did they get a 19 x 25 board?



From this perspective it looks like the board should be turned 90 decrees.


not a game picture though


On the one hand, there are multiple cases of 4 stones being inside a square. On the other, that’s really cool.


If your girlfriend made that; you should marry her.


So much aji :joy:.

Happy birthday!